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Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) Admission Process 2019**

This document describes the shortlisting and selection criteria for the 2019-2021 Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) batch at IIM Nagpur. The batch size will be 120 students [The intake might be revised before the admission process begins. In such a scenario, appropriate changes will be made based on the revised intake].

The admission process at IIM Nagpur takes into account the candidate’s Past Academic Performance (PAP), Work Experience (WE), performance in Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018, and performance in Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT).

Criteria for Eligibility to be considered for admission to PGP

The following cut-offs shown in Table 1 will be used for selecting eligible candidates for all subsequent stages. The CAT-2018 score is the single criterion used as the basis for arriving at the first short-list. Only candidates with positive scores (>0) in all sections of the CAT examination will be considered for the admission process.

Table 1: Minimum CAT-2018 Percentile

Minimum CAT 2018 percentile for shortlisting, section-wise and overall
Category Seats Available Section 1 (VARC) Section 2 (DILR) Section 3 (QA) Overall
General 61 72 72 72 90
NC-OBC 32 65 65 65 81
SC 18 50 50 50 65
ST 9 40 40 40 40
DAP (Horizontal Reservation across categories) 6 40 40 40 55

VARC=Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, DILR=Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning;
QA=Quantitative Ability; Note: These cut-offs are not for admission offers whose scores could be much higher.

Selection of the Candidates for PI/WAT process

The candidates who had applied to PGP at IIM Nagpur at the time of CAT-2018 registration and also meet the cut-offs shown in Table 1 above, would be receiving an email from IIM Nagpur around the third week of March, 2019. The candidates who would like to pursue their further candidature for admission to PGP Management at IIM Nagpur SHOULD reconfirm their desire to do so by a stipulated date.

**IIM Nagpur reserves the right to change the Shortlisting and Selection Criteria that it deems necessary to suit its purpose.

The intake might be revised before the admission process begins. In such a scenario, appropriate changes will be made based on the revised intake

Only those candidates who meet the minimum CAT 2018 percentile requirements, and have reconfirmed their interest, by the stipulated date, for admission to PGP 2019-21 of IIM Nagpur will be considered in stage 2 of the admission process. The following aspects will be considered for evaluation these candidates.

A. Past Academic Performance (PAP)

Here, we evaluate the applicants’ academic performance (marks obtained) in 10th Standard Examination, 12th Standard Examination and Bachelor’s Degree Examination. The eligible applicants, as identified above, will be assigned rating scores ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ (See Table 2) based on the percentage of marks obtained in their 10th standard, 12th standard, and Bachelor’s degree examinations respectively.

Table 2: Past Academic Performance (PAP): Rating Scores

Percent score in 10th Std.Exam Rating Score A
<=55 1
>55 and <=60 3
>60 and <=70 4
>70 and <=80 5
>80 and <=90 9
>90 10
Percent score in 12th Std.Exam Rating Score B
<=55 1
>55 and <=60 3
>60 and <=70 4
>70 and <=80 5
>80 and <=90 9
>90 10
Percent score in Bachelor’s Degree Rating Score C
<=55 2
>55 and <=60 4
>60 and <=65 6
>65 and <=70 9
>70 10

PAP Score for the candidate is calculated as follows: PAP=(0.25*A+0.35*B+0.40*C)

B. Work Experience (WE)

For the work experience of completed months x (as on July 31, 2018), the candidates will be assigned a WE score as follows:

Only Full-time experience after graduation must be entered. Part-time/Project/Internship/ CA Articleship /Pre-graduation work experience should not be entered and will not be counted as work experience.

WE = 0 if x<=6
= 4 if 6<=x<18
= 6 if 18<=x<24
= 8 if 24<=x<30
= 10 if 30<=x<36
= 4 if x>=36

C. Diversity (Di)

A diversity score out of 10 will be calculated for the candidate based on the candidate’s gender, and bachelor’s degree. The gender diversity score of 5 points will be awarded based on the candidate’s gender (0 for male, 5 for female, and 5 for transgender candidates) and 5 points will be awarded for the candidate’s bachelor’s degree (5 points for candidates with bachelor’s degree in any of the following: BA, BA(H), B.Sc, B.Sc.(H), BS, B.Com, B.Com(H), BCA, BBA, B.Pharma, LL.B, MBBS, BDS or any other Non-Engineering subject areas at the Bachelor’s level not mentioned here)

At this stage, a comprehensive score (CS) based on the CAT, PAP, WE and Di scores will be calculated as follows:
CS=0.35 * (CAT Total Score /Maximum CAT Total Score * 10) + 0.35*(PAP Score) + 0.2* (WE Score) + 0.1*(Di Score)

Based on the comprehensive score (CS), a shortlist will be prepared and the shortlisted candidates will be receiving an email from IIM Nagpur in April, 2019. The candidates need to submit a detailed application, including details of semester wise / year wise marks in Bachelors’ degree etc., copies of all mark sheets, copies of work experience certificates (if applicable), certificate of disability (if applicable), scheduled caste / scheduled tribe / other backward class – non-creamy layer certificate (if applicable). Only those candidates who submit the detailed application by the stipulated date will be considered for the next stage of the admission process.

Final Selection of the Candidates

The candidates who have been shortlisted based on the Comprehensive Score and submit the detailed application by the stipulated deadline (around the third week of April, 2019) will be considered for the final stage of the admission process. In this stage, performance in personal interview (PI) and written aptitude test (WAT) will be calculated as follows:

**This is the maximum CAT score among the candidates who were eligible for admission process in IIMN as per the stage 1 process

Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT)

Candidates who are shortlisted will be required to appear for a personal interview (PI) / Written Ability Test (WAT) to be conducted by IIMN. The interviews are likely to be in the month of May, 2019.

At this stage, the Final Score (FS) of the candidate will now be calculated as follows:
FS= 0.35* (PI Score) + 0.05*(WAT Score) + 0.20* (CAT Score) + 0.20 * (PAP Score) + 0.20 * (WE Score)

The selection at this stage will strictly be based on the ranks of the candidates computed separately for each category (General/SC/ST/NC-OBC/DAP) on the basis of their Final Scores (FS). The numbers selected in different categories will be in proportions mandated by the law.

The selected candidates will receive provisional admission intimation by e-mail. To confirm the acceptance of the offer, the candidate has to pay an acceptance fee of Rs. 50,000 which will be adjusted towards Term I fees subsequently.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Process

The withdrawal/cancellation of admission offer can happen in multiple ways:

The admission of a candidate stands cancelled if he/she provides any false information at any step in the admissions process.

Before First-Term Registration:

  • Once confirmation fee is received by the stipulated date (mentioned in the offer e-mail), the provisional admission offer stands. If payment is not received by the stipulated date, the provisional admission will be cancelled.
  • If a candidate pays the confirmation fees but still wants to withdraw, he/she may do so by sending an e-mail to the Admission Office. We will then initiate a refund process. Refund of money (after deducting an administrative charge of Rs.1000 or as per prevailing Government of India rules) will happen in July 2018.
  • The admission will stand cancelled if a candidate doesn’t register at IIM Nagpur on the mentioned registration date and time.

After Registration:

  • Fees will be collected at the beginning of each term. If a candidate withdraws from the programme in any Term after Registration (in the middle of a term) he/she will forfeit all the fees paid till then, regardless of any number of days still remaining in the term, and his/her admission shall stand cancelled.


Relevant part of the CAT 2018 Registration Guide

Downloaded on September 10, 2018

For computing percentages of marks obtained in SSC/10th/Equivalent examination and HSC/12th/Equivalent/Diploma examination, the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the mark sheet/grade sheet would be considered irrespective of the Boards regulation.


Please note that each IIM shortlists candidates for the second stage of selection which may be independent of each other. Performance in CAT 2018 examination is an important component in the admission process. IIMs may additionally use other factors like the previous academic performance of the candidates, relevant work experience and other similar inputs in short listing and ranking of candidates at various stages of the admission process. The processes, academic cut-offs and the weights allocated to the evaluation parameters may vary across IIMs. For more information, refer the admissions policies of IIMs from their respective websites.