Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs

Academic Council

Academic Council is a student body that works as an interface between the students and the academic administration. Starting from communicating with the PGP office, the faculties, academic projects, seminars, workshops to finalize the subjects for all the students, the Acad Council plays an important role.

Finesse The Finance Club

FINesse,  the finance club of IIM Nagpur is a platform to cultivate interest in Finance among students through guest lectures, workshops and panel discussions.We organize curriculum specific quizzes which would test one on their concept knowledge, Finance & Money Olympiad, stock mind to have participants virtually feel how the stock trading happens, speaker sessions by academicians & industry experts on trending topics ruling Finance world to have their viewpoints. Learning/doubt sessions for students by FINesse help students to develop a better understanding of Finance and promote it as a viable career option for them. Get in touch with us:

MARX The Marketing Club

MARX, the marketing club of IIM Nagpur, through club activities seeks to achieve two objectives - One, to be a resource for students looking to pursue a career in Marketing by building a repository of case studies, books, research papers; connecting marketing concepts to real-world applications through events like 'Ad Wise', 'Marque Brand Challenge', workshops like 'Marketing through Storytelling' that helped students build their personal brand; Two - to contribute to IIM Nagpur brand by increasing visibility, so IIM N is an institute of choice for recruiters and MBA aspirants, through National events like 'Brandit 16' that saw participation of over 25 top B-Schools in India & over a 700% increase in the club's social media pages, facilitate participation in global events like 'Google Online Marketing Challenge' that saw participation of 42 students from IIM N, networking with corporates for live projects.

Opex The Operation Club

OPEX, the operations club at IIM Nagpur strives to foster interest in Operations Research and Supply Chain Management. It was established in the year 2015 by the inaugural batch of IIM Nagpur under the mentorship of Professor ChetanSoman (Faculty of Operations Management at IIM Ahmedabad). Since its inception, the club has organized events like Op-Timize, Op-Sense and OPERA etc. which were met with remarkable vigor and enthusiasm. Through these events, the club has tried to engage students and align their interests towards Operations Management and SCM. The club currently has members from diverse backgrounds who bring valuable industry experience. OPEX also has a strong presence on social media platform. In the near future, the club has planned quizzes, nation-wide events and intends to share knowledge through articles on concepts of operations management. OPEX also plans to initiate an interactive forum with industry stalwarts to discuss industry paradigms and relevant problems. It intends to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application in the field of operations. Get in touch with us:

Predixion The Analytics Club

In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data—W.E.Deming Objective: "Promoting the learning and application of data analytics in strategic decisions and policy-making for improvement of businesses, government, and society" Mission: Currently, there is an Information overflow. Identifying the required information and removing the rest is critical to current day business. This will help to identify the current problem and develop the required solutions. Data analytics plays a huge part in this. Having a good knowledge of analytics can make a huge difference for current day managers. This can be seen in the Moneyball movie, the real story of Oakland A’s baseball team on how their manager Billy Beane and his assistant Peter Brand assemble a team with lean budget and manage to enter the Top 4 of the league. The Analytics Club of IIM Nagpur provides a platform for future managers to apply the knowledge on real-world solutions to enhance their skills. Description: Predixion is a student body managed by Analytics freaks, passionate about Analytics world. The main idea behind establishing this club is to provide analytics knowledge and its applications in the real world to the future managers by involving students of IIM Nagpur. Following are the objectives undertaken by the Analytics Club: Objectives:
  • Organizing National level quizzes, puzzles, riddles and other Analytics competitions.
  • Case studies competitions by providing real-world data. This can help to understand the outside world issues and bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world.
  • A quarterly newsletter by analytics club explaining the events of club, articles.
  • Information on the Career options and future opportunities in Analytics field.
  • Organizing workshops to enhance the knowledge and understanding using real-time applications.
  • Undertaking real-time industrial projects related to Analytics.
  • Maintaining a platform on which students can display their Analytics related activities to gain visibility.
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