Mess Committee

A Hungry Man is an Angry Man !!!
The Mess Committee at IIM Nagpur aims to promote unity in diversity among students from various parts of the country by managing the food and taste requirements palatable to all. A chance to experience the special cuisines from different cultures fosters the spirit of belonging and brotherhood among the students. We emphasize on having special food menus for specific festivals which help in bringing out the true “taste” of our culture.

The Committee relentlessly strives to provide the best services to the students and believes in continuous improvement practices for long-term beneficial results.

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Infrastructure Committee

This committee acts as an interface between the students of IIM Nagpur and its administration for facilitation of requirements pertaining to infrastructure. Soon, it would be acting as a representative body of the students of IIMN for giving suggestions and inputs regarding the design and infrastructure of the upcoming new campus. It also collaborates with other academic and non-academic clubs for bridging the gaps in the state of the existing infrastructure and for improving its visibility in the IIM aspirants’ arena.